Blog Post 1 – Live Less Ordinarily

Live Less Ordinarily

This is a simple blog with a simple message.

Live a good life and life will be good. I have read many of the books that suggest that everything in life is up to us, that all that happens is of our own making. Whilst I firmly believe in the ‘power of positive thinking’ I am concerned by the extreme view engendered by that sentiment. Try telling a mother that her child died of meningitis because she wanted that to happen. That’s not fair. However, although many things that happen to us might not be within our control, many aren’t.

To my mind the real secret to a great and happy life is living by the principle of ‘do good’. It is not hard to know what good is. We all have an inborn knowledge of what ‘good’ means. Good means many things but in every example it is the opposite of ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ and everyone knows what that is. So quite simply when faced with a decision in everyday life the question is ‘what would be the right thing to do’ or ‘what feels right’ and then ‘JUST DO IT’. Some authors have labelled this concept in the form of the question; ‘does this (action, activity, thought, deed word), honour me?’

Doing good is sometimes not easy. Even saints don’t always get this right. However living a life mostly by good is the most rewarding strategy for happiness. Somehow happiness comes from doing good and I don’t know why but I know that it is true. I think this is the force of the Universe at work.

I do believe that the most basic force in nature is that of attraction probably borne from an infinitesimally small and subatomic force field of knowledge. Many books have been written on this topic and although I struggle with its understanding I know that the effects in my life are that once I do or think ‘good’ thoughts, good things come my way much more frequently. I don’t however believe that the relationship is a one to one effect and that many other influences modify the response. However, in the main thinking good helps to achieve good things, and that good things, drive happiness.

In Blog Post 2 we will start to explore some of the ‘Rules’ for daily successful living.


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