Blog Post 4 – The Law of Time

We’re talking about how to ‘Live a good life such that your life will be good’. So far we have explored the concept that ‘thinking good helps to achieve good things, and that good things, drive happiness’. I’ve shared my first two Laws (The Law of Goals and The Law of Integrity) to live a life less ordinary in my previous posts.

The Law of Time

The Law of TImeWhilst many of us are impatient in getting things done or getting the outcome we desire, it is important to realise that, whilst we do control many outcomes, we only do to the extent of the quality of our inputs. Ultimately the outcome, and certainly the timing of the outcome, is often beyond our control. ‘Time takes time’. Things seldom happen as you planned in the sense of timing but it is also true that perseverance increases the chance of a positive outcome.

‘Be Generous, Be Grateful and Be Kind’

My personal mission statement is ‘Be Generous, Be Grateful and Be Kind’. I had to spend many years working at this before I got it right and I got to acknowledge that these things made me a better person. But it didn’t happen overnight. In fact it has taken 20 years of practice for my philosophy to be rewarded.

This is an important ‘Law’ as there is a temptation to expect things, and expect them soon, when you start to ‘Live a Life less Ordinary’. Don’t be concerned by delays in outcomes and rewards. Never, Ever, give up! Life will get better and get more rewarding. It just may not happen quickly.



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