Blog Post 5 – The Law of Positive Thoughts

The law of positive thoughtsLast week we spoke about The Law of Time’ mentioning that sometimes ‘time takes time’. Do what you can but allow things to show up with time!

In answering the question ‘Can we think our way to happiness and a better life?’ lets consider ..

 The Law of Positive Thoughts

Think great thoughts. Try to make each thought a good one and try to stick with thoughts that elevate you both in mood and action. Thought is where the process starts and clearly a good start allows for a good process and ending. A good thought is a thought that conveys peace, possibility, right action and happiness.

Think positively. Avoid negative thinking but here a measure of balance is important. Negative thoughts will come about. It is important to see them for what they are. Listen for a message that may be lurking and then gently let go.

With a positive attitude it is possible to look back on life and see the major strides you have taken. Yes there are plateaus and even valleys, but most of us have climbed a steep hill through life and anywhere along that hill is away from the bottom.

Ultimately its about the believe that you are good at stuff; That good stuff will happen; And that you will make good stuff happen!

A quick question to set the stage for next weeks Blog; ‘How does being generous help to create happiness?’ Next week – The Law of Generosity!!


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