Blog Post 6 – The Law of Generosity

The Law of Positive Thoughtsmentioning that thinking great thoughts has a positive benefit in ‘Living a Life Less Ordinary.

In answering the question ‘How does being generous help to create happiness?’ lets consider .. The Law of Generosity.

1. Be generous – Give things away

Giving begets receiving. This is an absolute fact of life. I know of many individuals who seemingly make a lot of money or are given great rewards, only to lose or never have enough. They are often guilty of greed.

Failing to give generously is a guarantee of lack. However, being generous in spirit and in action is a guarantee of success. Being generous need to only involve giving of money. It may also involve giving of your time to needy individuals or even the simple act of a kind word.

2. Don’t give based on an expectation of receiving

Giving, based on an expectation of receiving, is however, not a strategy for good. The negative thought process that drives that sort of mentality will prevent the successful outcome you desire.

3. Be spontaneous

Be spontaneously generous. Give large tips when service is good. Give to charity and give of your kindness to all people you meet.

And if being generous is helpful then the opposite side of the coin is being grateful for what comes your way from others or the Universe. ‘How does being grateful help to cement happiness?’ Next week – The Law of Gratitude!!


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