Blog Post 7 – The Law of Gratitude

shutterstock_106006154Last week we spoke about The Law of Generosity’ and I suggested that being generous in deed and thought is a great recipe for success.

This week l want to explore the corollary of that idea, that being that we too need to be grateful for what comes our way. Lets consider ..


The Law of Gratitude

Be grateful – be enormously grateful. A great driving force is ‘Gratitude’. It is not a thought, not a talk, but a feeling. Feelings trigger the universe. Gratitude is a tool to the Law of Attraction. Any practice of daily living that isn’t in line with gratitude creates a block to this form of attraction. Some additional blocks to the ‘Law of Gratitude’ are: Negativity, Rumour mongering and Gossip.

The evil of gossip and rumour mongering came to my attention recently. I was struck by a story I heard of the negative impact of gossip, when people loose their way in life because we gossip about them. Rumour and gossip are just not helpful. Invariably someone loses. Stay clear of such talk.

This simple message is often all it takes to change your mood from bad to good and to create a positive outlook. Be grateful for everything and anything.

Express your gratitude often and formally. A useful way of doing this is as a prayer to your ‘Higher Power’ or just a silent thought or message to your greater self. Stop and acknowledge the good that has just happened. Do it many times a day and in every situation you find yourself in. Thank ‘God’ or the ‘Universe’ for being alive, being safe, being warm, being employed, being successful and everything else. Who you are grateful to is much less important than the mindset of just being grateful.

Be grateful it’s enormously helpful in leading a life less ordinary. Next week – The Law of Kindness!!



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