Blog Post 9 – How to elevate life to the extra-ordinary

shutterstock_150893516Last week we spoke about ‘The Law of Kindness’ and I suggested some ways to be kind in word and deed. This week a new thought that builds on the previous Laws…

The Law of Action

When it comes to living life and the practical mechanisms of daily activity I believe there are five little rules that elevate life to the extra-ordinary. They are:

  1. Grab life by the b…s and give it a shake – Do as much as you can and do it well!
  2. Be interested in learning – Read, study, investigate;
  3. Work hard – Spend more time than required at ‘work’;
  4. Be pedantic about the detail – Cross the ‘t’s’ and dot the ‘i’s’ in all you do;
  5. Live up – Aim high and strive to do better.

These rules relate to the action that is necessary to manifest the Law of Attraction. (R = T(g) + A® + t(k)). Results are a product of good thoughts, right action and a variable amount of time. Finding value in your own life is key. There is no value to a life of sloth and dropping out. The universe rewards hard work.

Dream + hard work = achievement!

Things seldom get better spontaneously, enjoy now, live in the moment. You can only influence your own destiny with the Universe. What happens to others and by others is not in your hands.

You learn when you do and you learn more when you do more! You gotta say Yes. Say yes, do it and succeed

Next week we consider ‘The Law of Completion,’ because completing tasks is a vital aspect of ‘action’.



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