Learning to complete tasks

Learning-to-complete-tasks-Last week we spoke aboutThe Law of Action’ and I suggested a number of ways to get busy living a life less ordinary. This week I want to add to that thought …

The Law of Activity/Completion

Get to completing tasks. This gives an enormous sense of satisfaction that rapidly adds to happiness. This is the focus behind achievements, the idea that a task is successfully completed. Many things about the process are important outcomes in their own right. These are the achievements to take out of not getting the desired outcome. Every bit of hard work in getting there is its own reward. Focus on those little steps during and after a process. Find happiness in doing, not achieving.

I also want to say that it is ok to be sad. Not getting something you have worked for and dreamt of is sad. Allow yourself time to grieve, get mad and rant against the injustice of the world. Just two words of caution. Firstly don’t take any actions whilst in the heat of this emotion. Threaten and get mad but don’t act out. Secondly give yourself a time limit on sadness. Don’t allow the process to consume you forever. Get back on the horse and continue your journey. Realistically a day for minor hiccups or a week for major ones is enough down time. Much more time starts to become negative and negativity becomes a way of life.

Might I respectfully also suggest a ‘clean desk phenomenon’ in getting to complete tasks. Plan. Do what you need to do. Do small things as they come up. Do the difficult things first and keep your desk clean.

There is a belief that when unhappy at work or in life the answer is to cut back and do less. I would suggest that the answer is to do more or get more involved. There is no potential for happiness in bemoaning your job and ducking and diving in your life. Put on a brave face, smile and play at your very best.

So go out today, do GOOD in the world and achieve greatness.


Next week we consider ‘The Law of Love,’ because love is the ultimate goal.



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