Daily Living Part 1: What to do when things don’t go as planned

when-things-dont-go-according-to-planLast week we spoke about ‘The Law of Leadership’ and I suggested that we are all leaders and should show up and be one. This week I want to start a new discussion …

The Law of Daily Living Part 1

Each and every day Living a Life Less Ordinary takes some hard work. Don’t confuse sadness at loss or anger at failure as reasons to give up. Certainly don’t give up on the ‘Dream’.

Life is not fair. Get over it. Carry on, believe in your ultimate goals and continue making a plan. This is the real secret, being able to get up after adversity, find your equilibrium again and go on trying. And the other bit of bad news, is that things will still continue to go wrong even if you are a good person or living an extraordinary life. Things do go wrong; it is not because you didn’t believe hard enough. Not everything is in your control.

Avoid lumping, especially when things go wrong. Sometimes bad things happen (even to good people) and it seems to happen all at once. It seems like the universe is out to get you. Avoid lumping all bad things together and formulating an opinion on your ‘luck’, ‘self worth’, or ‘abilities’ based on this. Just as the sun will probably come up tomorrow, so life will even out.

Don’t force life – let it come. Read and obey the signals. Sometimes when things are going poorly there is a temptation to force change, to force plans through, to force people to do your bidding. Try to avoid that. It is often in these times that the best strategy is to hold back, let things go, ride the tide. Things always improve. The universe is giving us a signal that we need to obey.

Next week we Ill go a little further down this road.


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