The Law of Daily Living Part 2 – Love yourself

Last week we spoke aboutThe Law of Daily Living’ and this week I want to continue down that path and share 3 new thoughts …

love yourselfThe Law of Daily Living Part 2

  1. Get used to your personality and celebrate it. I grew up so unhappy that I had an introverted personality, I absolutely craved to be able to relate to people. However, as life has moved on, I have mellowed into what I have. I have used that personality I was born with to make a conscious effort to challenge myself, to push the boundaries and to work it. Your personality type is a blessing. Use it both positively, in what it brings you, and use it as a motivation to develop additional skills.

2. Good times will be followed by bad times and vica versa just as surely as day follows night. Life always gets better and can always get worse. Enjoy it just as it is for today and when not going so well, know that ‘this too shall pass’.

3. Associate with the sort of people you aspire to be like. The more you associate with driven, happy and motivated people, the more your life will improve. When you settle for associations and friends with an unhealthy attitude the more it increases your mediocrity. An important sign of a successful person is their inability to tolerate negative thinking. Grow alongside growing people!

Next week I share my final thoughts on the Law.


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