Do what you are meant to do in life

Over the last two weeks we spoke about The Law of Daily Living’ and this week I want to offer some final thoughts in what I think this law is all about …

The Law of Daily Living Part 3

Do what you are meant to do in life. Find your passion and pursue it.

do-what-you-loveToo many of us do what we hate. Please, PLEASE, find what it is you love and do that. At least try do as much or as many things that fire you up, as you can.


Stay in control of your life.

Don’t give up to negative influences. It’s never done until you say so. Even when things are going badly, all is not lost until you throw in the towel. So don’t throw in the towel, ever! Stay working, pushing until the final event. It often is that last push that saves the day.

A good life requires ongoing work and attention, even enthusiasm wanes over time without refueling. Even when life seems perfect and all is working out fine don’t stop the work. It is amazing just how quickly the rot sets in when you stop working at it. Hard work is the motivator of the Universe. Don’t work only on problems and at bad times, work even in the good times. Keep practicing!

Behaving extraordinarily requires tolerance of mediocrity.

When you push the boundaries and do well at all you do you will encounter those whose life is driven to mediocrity. You will see these people at the store, at the office, at the service provider and so on. Accept! Don’t be arrogant, don’t be angry. Relax and accept that the world works toward average. You are different and the Universe notices. Others may not change but the Universe knows you have.

Work ethic is important. Perform at your best. Get to completing tasks at least by week end but ideally by day end.

Next week lets turn to the ‘The Law of Happiness’. As an initial thought consider what it may need for you to create happiness for others?



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