The Law of Daily Living Part 3: 9 Ways to be happy

Over the last two weeks we spoke about ‘The Law of Daily Livingand this week I want to offer some thoughts in what I think is one of the ultimate laws …

9-ways-to-be-happyThe Law of Happiness

Creating happiness is aided by a few nice to do things. This happiness, whist primarily for others will amazingly spill over to you, the giver. Some of these things are:

  1. celebrate occasions,
  2. mark events,
  3. congratulate work well done or achievements,
  4. thank,
  5. notice,
  6. reward,
  7. honour,
  8. wish people well,
  9. wish people a pleasant weekend, holiday or even every ordinary day.

No day is lost because it starts off badly. We can turn it around at any point.

Unfortunately what happens is that we allow negative events and circumstances to dictate our mood and a bad mood is a recipe for ongoing pain and suffering. That is the ‘Law of Attraction’.

And likewise, I believe the Universe rewards good deeds and you and I, for doing good deeds. It may not happen immediately or in relation to the deed done but it does happen. Even one happy day is a reward for a kind act (here’s 12 steps to becoming kinder).

Next week lets turn to the ‘The Law of Dealing with Sorrow’ because despite trying to find happiness in every day there will be inevitable events of sadness and sorrow.


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