Dealing with a blue day?

Last week we dealt with The Law of Happiness’. Today I want to share a thought on how life may require us to deal with sorrow and sadness and still aim for our best life.Having-a-blue-day-

The Law of Dealing with Sorrow

Despite trying to find happiness in every day there will be inevitable events of sadness and sorrow. All of us face loss; loss of a job, loss of a loved one, loss of a home or many other losses. And in my experience the only tool that helps with loss is a sound foundation to be standing on. If you have cultivated a life less ordinary and built up a bank of trust, happiness, integrity and strength, these traits will be there as your anchor. You will still experience sadness but it won’t collapse your world. You will find it easier and quicker to rise again if you have a solid foundation. And oh yes, there will be days of intense pain, but they will pass and hopefully pass quickly. Your work on your life during the good times in an insurance policy to keep you alive during the bad times.

Next week lets turn to the ‘The Law of Averages’ because despite trying to find happiness in every day and being able to deal with sadness and sorrow, the universe will come out to protect you.


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