The Law of Averages

The Law of Averages

‘push hard to move you’re life into a great place but at the same time, know when to accept the outcome’. 

SoAverages this is a ‘real law’. I’m not sure how this saying was intended to be used but I have a spin on the idea. And that is ‘push hard to move you’re life into a great place but at the same time, know when to accept the outcome’. There’s an important truism by which the Universe operates and that is it is always trying to protect you. So if you’ve set your sights on a new job or new job or new home and you’ve worked really hard to get it, doing your very best, and in the end you don’t succeed, sit back and accept that it wasn’t meant to be for you. In time the reason may be revealed or it may never be, but just know the Universe ‘had your back’. Protecting you from something you thought at the time you wanted or needed, but in reality was going to be difficult or even dangerous for you. That doesn’t mean we can sit back in life, do nothing to create the most brilliant outcomes  and accept a fatalistic sense of what happens. Absolutely not!

It is still so very important to be pushing your boundaries, working hard at achieving your dreams and creating goals.

It’s just important to realise the final outcome is not entirely in our control. And the final paradox here is that if you are not working to creating a ‘Life less ordinary’ in every day and in every way, then the Universe doesn’t care about your outcomes. That’s when you loose your protection and bad things actually come your way, often disguised as answers. Therefore, I suggest you push forward as hard as you can, but be grateful for both the outcome you desired and that you didn’t. Because in the final analysis bit options will serve you well.

Next week lets turn to the ‘The Law of Focus’ because life gets busy and we get busy doing life, and its critical to maintain focus.


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