The importance of the ability to focus


Focus your energy and time on a few key pursuits. Don’t become a Jack-of-all-trades. Prioritise your life. This will allow you time to vision your future, relax your mind and give you renewed energy. It is never too late to start uncluttering your life.

And this reminds me of another law …

The Law of Eating Life in Bite Sized Chunks

Tackling projects of all kinds requires that we tackle them bit by bit. A large task looks daunting unless you chunk it down into doable bits. Cut a big task into small more manageable pieces.

I was recently asked to write a book chapter with a tight deadline. At first I was overwhelmed at having to deliver 25 typed pages in 2 months. But when I thought about the first sentence, the first paragraph and the first page it became a lot easier. So take that big project and break it up into a number of smaller tasks. Then just start, ‘just do it’.

I need to add the usual words of caution though. This is not an attempt to procrastinate on the actions needed, nor is it a way to do less than your best. To live a life less ordinary, remember, we never skimp or do less than our best. Go ahead then and break up a biggish activity into a series of small, doable actions. And in doing so, ensure that the task is done, and gets done with less fear and anxiety.

Next week lets turn to the ‘The Law of Accepting Only The Best’ because you desrve the very best life has to offer.



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