The Law of Accepting only the Best

Last week we dealt with two Laws ‘The Law of Focus and The Law of Eating Life in Bite Sized Chunks’. This week I want to suggest to you that you deserve the best in life …

It’s true that we often accept what comes our way. And yes sometimes that’s acceptable, but only if you have tried your best to give and get the best. Giving your best means just that. Doing all in your power to make it happen and make it great. Perfectionism is a badly used word but it shouldflower mean doing your best and being happy with that. Of course sometimes doing your best may not be enough to get the outcome you desire and that’s just life (see The Law of Averages). It’s important to accept that outcome too.

And then there’s the idea that we often accept less than what we want from others. The cure for this is to ask for more. As Robin Sharma says in his book ‘Life lessons from the monk who sold his Ferrari ‘, get good at asking’. If you want a better seat, ask. If you want better service, ask. If you want a discount ask. But again remember not getting may just be the outcome you need. Ask, ask often, and accept both yes and no.

Get better at expecting the best from yourself and from life. And to do that you have to ask more of yourself and others. Be prepared to receive!

Next week lets turn to the ‘The Law of Giving Your Best’ because you as you deserve the very best life has to offer, so should you give your best in all you do.


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