Don’t quit, ever!

Last week we dealt with two Laws ‘The Law of Accepting only the Best’. This week I want to suggest to you that you also need to give your best.

dont-quitThe Law of Giving Your Best

Nobody can expect more of you than your best. But few of us give our best. Giving your best means really going the extra mile and working harder and more effectively every day. Just as a professional golfer never stops practicing so should we be continually ‘sharpening our practice’. It’s always easy to quit when times get tough or when you feel despondent or when you feel tired. But true heroes never stop, never give up, never quit. So don’t quit. Ever! Get up and give life your best shot every day in every way.

Next week lets consider how giving your best may require you to perform when times are tough. ‘The Law of Facing Your Demonswill apply in those circumstances.



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