Performing under pressure


Last week we dealt with ‘The Law of Giving Your Best’. This week I want to make some remarks about how to do that through ….

The Law of Performing Under Pressure

It’s a truism that it’s easier to deliver when things seem easy and yet many of us face plain sailing every day and never deliver on our promises. So why would we, and how can we deliver when the going gets tough? Well that’s when practice and training help, if you’ve made the effort to try to work the system and move toward your dreams and goals every day it is much more likely that today will end in success rather than failure. But it also takes one extra skill, the skill of mental belief. And that’s the hardest skill to acquire. And actually there’s no easy answer to how you get that one. But sometimes just believing and being extra vigilant helps to achieve that. And ultimately it sometimes only comes on rare occasions. But it is important to be open and available when the Universe makes it happen. And only by living the best life all the time will it come you’re way.

Make every day your best day and make every opportunity possible and when it’s your time it will manifest. And if they sounds awfully pessimistic consider this. If you are not continually trying, you will never accidentally stubble across success. The idea being to keep going, keep trying, keep moving forward, and eventually it will come together and you will achieve that dream. It’s all about being prepared.

So performing under pressure requires the ultimate in preparation. And the preparation necessitates the utmost belief. Believe you can and you will!

Next week lets consider how giving your best may require additional tools for you to perform at your best. ‘The Law of Eating Life in Bite Sized Chunkswill help.


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