Facing your demons

Last week we dealt with ‘The Law of Performing Under Pressure. This week I want to deal with ….

The Law of Facing Your Demons



There is a point of view in the positive psychology literature that until you face your demons and put them to rest your life can’t be extraordinary. All of us have a past that is strewn with boulders; boulders of problems, scars, losses, disasters and ‘failures’. But it’s now time to say goodbye to them. Don’t go over them in minute detail, don’t over analyze the past upsets.

Today you acknowledge you had a past, good or problematic. And today you say goodbye to these problems. They are never gone, all that goes is your tension related to them. Acknowledge you have a past, some things went wrong, mostly you did good and today we move on.

From today you think of the endless possibility life and the Universe, have to offer and you go forward free of the weight of past wrongs.

My next BLOG will deal with a new line of thought … ‘The Law of Silence’.


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