The law of silence

Last week we dealt with ‘The Law of Facing Your Demons. This week I want to share some ideas on a new train of thought ….

The Law of Silence


Most self-help gurus like mine, Robin Sharma, talk about spending less time talking, more time listening and just shutting up a good deal of time. This is a great tool to getting more out of life and more out of people. In addition by talking less and listening more, you get people to talk. This serves a number of purposes but importantly gives people the feeling that what they have to say is important to you. They feel respected and often in turn this leads to better inter-personal relationships and better outcomes.

In addition, listening more often creates the space for you to hear things that are important that we often miss if we are always talking, or worse still, waiting to butt in, and talk.

May I suggest at your next meeting (one on one or with a group), endeavour to speak less. Allow others to talk. And the results of those meetings will astound you!

Next week I’d like to deal with a related thought … ‘The Law of Celebrating Nature’




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