Celebrating Nature

Last week we dealt with ‘The Law of Silence. This week I want to share some ideas on a related theme ….

The Law of Celebrating Nature
Learn to see, be aware of and be grateful for the beauty of nature. Get up early to see the sun rise, celebrate a full moon, wonder in the mountains and walk the wilds. Because of the beauty of nature, we are taught the beauty of life.

So teach yourself to admire these events and make the time to visit these places.


Develop a bucket list that included seeing the natural and beautiful man made wonders of the world. For we truly live in an awesome world. Give thanks every day for some small wonder you see. Do it daily and regularly and the joy will mount. Be passionate about these wonders and make them yours.

Live a life less ordinary by noticing those things we take for granted. Marvel at the beauty of life!!
Next week I’d like to deal with a another related thought … The Law of Treading Lightly on the World’.


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