Tread lightly on the world


In my previous post I spoke about ‘The Law of Celebrating Nature. In this issue I want to expand on that theme ….

The Law of Treading Lightly on the World

On a recent flight overseas, I was struck by the number of people who make their presence felt, and not in a good way. These are the individuals who talk loudly, who make a noise, who hold up a line, who sniff and snort and who chew noisily. And whilst I have, and always will, suggest you state your case and be visible, it should not be whilst making a scene.

So tread lightly on the world, be polite, be courteous, be gentle and treat people with respect. Your noise should come in ways and in places where it counts, in moving your life forward. Be gentle in your daily life.

Next week I’d like to suggest that it’s never too late to Live Life Less Ordinary … The Law of Starting Over’.


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