Having a bad day, week, year? Here’s the law of starting over

start-over1I can think of two scenarios when it would be nice to start over.

The first is in a day that is headed SOUTH. Occasionally your day gets off to a bad start with stress and trauma and bad news and the like. Your head becomes filled with the anger and pain of other people’s inputs and you loose your perspective of joy and peace. These days happen! The trick is to recognise the angst, identify your feelings and then put a stop to them. START THE DAY OVER! Look out the window at the beauty of nature or read a funny cartoon. Then remind yourself of your Personal Mission Statement, do a good deed for someone and start over.

The second opportunity to start over comes when you finally make a decision not to continue your life without purpose, without direction and down a path that isn’t fulfilling and enjoyable. You need to do the same thing. Declare that at that moment in time, it stops and you are going to do it differently. Then put in place the steps (many of them covered in these ‘LAWS’ and my blog posts) to ensure things change.

Starting over can happen many times, both in your day and your life. Stop the rot! And make a change. It is always possible to start again! Just Do It!

Next week I’d like to suggest that its important to respect yourself … The Law of Self Respect’.


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