The law of self respect

In my previous post I spoke about ‘The Law of Starting Over. In this issue I want to extend that theme …

Nothing is really achievable until you have a healthy respect for self. You should respect yourself first and demonstrate to the world that you do. As you treat yourself well, you communicate to the world that you expect the same. And once you do that the universe gets the message and makes it happen for you.

Arrogance vs Respect

Now there’s a fine line between self respect and arrogance. This is not a call to be demanding and brash. It is not a statement that you are entitled, nor is it a reflection on your virtue.

It is rather an idea that you need to be good and kind to yourself, accepting your faults with grace and humility but not allowing your self worth to be eroded. It also means that you cannot and will not allow others to put you down or take advantage of you.

You have an integral right to respect as a human being and nobody should be allowed to upset that.

Demanding Respect

Again that doesn’t mean that you can control how people interact with you or the world. What it does mean is that you don’t have to hang around for more of the same. If you demand a degree of respect from yourself it applies to those who interact with you and if they don’t oblige move on, move away, let them go.

Interestingly this applies to casual relationships as much as it does to important ones. If you are in a business enterprise with someone or people who don’t respect you let it go. It may be really important because your value in such a relationship is critical to the success of the venture and without you being seen as a valuable partner, the outcome of the process will often not be to your liking.

Only you can place a value on your life and if you place a value that says you deserve respect and dignity, you will align with others who do the same. Those outcomes make life spectacular!

In the next issue Next week I’d like to continue these thoughts and address another sensitive topic … The Law of Not Gossiping’.


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