The law of not gossiping


It seems to me that many of our conversations revolve around discussing other people, their business and their confidential information. And that’s gossiping. We love to share that personal information about someone else and soon it becomes about hearsay and speculation.

And that friends, is hurtful. In addition, believe me, if we are prepared to share our thoughts with friends, colleagues and strangers, they won’t hesitate to share their thoughts about us, as you leave the room.

Gossip becomes a fire that runs out of control. And unless you don’t get involved you will always hurt people and ultimately hurt yourself.

My solution to gossiping

A great solution to a conversation where gossip is happening is to do one of two things; either change the conversation (maybe talk about yourself) or refuse to get involved and don’t participate in the conversation. Sometimes it’s useful not to be around the known gossipers in your work place, social group or the like.

Don’t be the person who spreads the dirt on your friends. You have absolutely nothing to gain. Even that short-lived feeling of euphoria that you told the group something they did not know, fades quickly. And is often replaced by that sad and lonely feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is wrong.

If you must talk about others talk about their great qualities, their successes or their achievements. But here too be a little careful. Ensure they would be happy to hear what you said. A safe rule of thumb for gossip is that if you weren’t prepared to say it in front of that person, you shouldn’t say it at all!

These thoughts lead me to my next topic. Next week … ‘The Law of Abundance’.


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