The law of having a fearless life

In my last post I spoke about The Law of Having a Personal Mission Statement. This week I want to summarise some of the Laws we’ve shared into ….


The Law of A Fearless Life

All of the ‘Laws’ I’ve shared over this year are designed to create a Life Less Ordinary. However, what many of them will also do is help to create a Fearless Life.

Many of us live in fear. Sometimes the fear is of real problems or threats but so often the fear is completely unfounded. We fear not getting a promotion, not giving a fluent presentation, not making target or not being liked. So often this fear actually serves to make our fears a reality rather than protecting us from them.

Fear is the worst limiter of success. It serves no value. It just overrides our subconscious ability to succeed. It’s important to realise that fear is unfounded and unhelpful. If there is a real concern that something may happen (or not happen), the only way to react is to confront the reality with realistic plans to deal with the problem. See the opportunity for what it is, turn it into a potential win and then make it happen.


Fear is our worst enemy.


And so on to the next topic. Next week … ‘The Law of Celebration’.


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