Say NO!

Last week we spoke about ‘The Law of Saying Yes’. Its now time to think about ….

The Law of Saying No

Strangely as much as you need to embrace opportunity and say Yes to new ideas and challenges, there’s also great reward in saying No.

Times to say no, include talking on someone else’s unfinished work, doing things that don’t please you, getting involved in conversations that aren’t productive and attending meetings with no prospective of productivity.

No, makes you focus your energy on events and activities where you are successful and avoid loosing focus on unhelpful distractions.

saying-noSo, paradoxically in order to be a YES person, where you grab life and give it a shake, saying NO is an important way to get there. It’s a matter of focus and balance. Focus on what aids you and avoid distractions.

Next week I want to suggest some thoughts on … ‘The Law of Inclusivity’.


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