The law of inclusivity

Last week we spoke about The Law of Saying No’. Time to change track again and this week I’d like to explore ….

inclusivityThe Law of Inclusivity.

The world has many people, some outstanding human
beings and some that seem weird and wonderful. They all are all needed to make the world a great place. Accept and acknowledge that!

And then try to ensure that your life makes room for everyone. You don’t need to make the person who never stops moaning at you your best friend but you do need to find a way to accept that he or she exists and may be in your life for a reason. That reason may be that you need to work on your tolerance.

In addition to trying to include ‘outliers’ in your life it is also a good idea to accept these individuals exist and try to avoid getting angry at what they do. This may mean a peaceful journey to work without the ranting at slow or bad drivers or it may mean stepping aside for the person who pushes into your queue.

And the reason for allowing these people to go about their business is that the anger you generate hurts only you.

Make room in your day and your life for the people who irritate you! The Universe will notice.

In my next Blog I will revise a previous law in a new way … ‘The Law of a Healthy Attitude’.



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