The law of a healthy attitude

Last week we spoke about ‘The Law of Inclusivity. This week I am going to put a new spin on something we spoke about before and consider ….


The Law of a Healthy Attitude

Sometimes life messes with our thoughts. Often only a healthy attitude keeps you going.

Life is a series of waves and there are ups and downs. It may often not appear to be possible to believe or think your way out of troughs and bad times but the secret is in riding them out, believing through them or moderating their emotional negativity.

There will be times when you feel that there is a temporary interruption of energy in your life, caused by conflict, lack of concordance or not being in harmony. Just persevere. If you have a healthy attitude the innervation will return.  That is when the sustainable energy comes together and blooms.

Difficult times call for more energy and our bodies don’t respond well to stress. It requires perseverance to push through.

A healthy attitude in the good times carries you through the dark days!

Next time lets consider … ‘The Law of Management’.



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