The law of seeing things through

Last week I posted about the “law” of going the extra mile for others. In a way this involves seeing a task through for some one other than yourself. But what about seeing things through in your own life?


A while back I mentioned the Law of Completion and last week the Law of Going the Extra Mile. This Law is an extension of those ideas. Here I mean the concept of being in the race until the race ends. Not giving up despite the tough times or troubles.

If you commit to doing a task, ensure you get it fully done. The commitment may not only be to others, even a commitment to yourself is important to keep.

Sometimes we see an event or an activity half way through and quit because we get bored or it gets hard. Don’t quit! The mind needs to know the discipline of meeting obligations. In addition there is a profound sense of accomplishment that comes with a task done.

And finally let me say, don’t just hang in there, get deeply involved right to the end. That way the joy is more profound.

And next week its time to break out and consider … ‘The Law of Being OK’.


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