The law of being ok

My last post spoke about ‘The Law of Seeing it Through’ . This week I want to talk to the ultimate quest …


If you’re like me life has been a challenge. There are things I’ve done well and I’m proud of and there are things that I’ve not done well. In many ways I wish I could have a ‘do over’ for many things. But the reality is I can’t. My life is what it is.

Life is what it is.

I can only do two things. Accept who and what I am and try to do better going forward.

But the message here is that it’s important to know and believe that once you accept your faults you now need to stop the beatings you give yourself. Stop the continual second guessing and the endless anxiety about things done or not done.

Stop the beatings you give yourself.

Give it up! Start living! Go forward with the belief that you are in fact entitled to walk the earth, you do have a right to ask. Go forward with the humility of someone going to make a difference.

And next week its time to consider … ‘The Law of Seeing the World’


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