Seeing the beauty in life

beautyIt’s easy to be critical, of people, of events and of places. It’s much harder and much more important to try see these things in the light that most people are trying their best. Trying to get by. And when surroundings look destitute, dirty or unkept it may not be because individuals don’t care. It may be because they can’t. Poverty is a reality for many.

So we should try much harder not to be too critical. Try see beyond or around the run down, the dirt and grime, the apparent carelessness, to the beauty that’s there. And there is much beauty in the world. It just takes a little extra effort to see. A little gentler philosophy and a slightly lower expectation of what should be. Seek it out, it’s truly there.

Next week we go deeper down this road and consider ‘The Law of Celebration’.


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