Celebrate small wins

I had promised you ‘The Law of Celebration’ but in fact I have already spoken on that topic so how about …


On the road to A Life Less Ordinary you will have many dreams and at least a few goals. And it’s important to be striving for these lofty ideals.  However, along the way you need to recognise and celebrate each minor victory.

Everyday you should recognise the little successes, the small achievements and revel in them. Congratulate yourself each time a small task is achieved.

Go to bed each night with a sense of a day moving closer to your dream. And the reason to do this is that our dreams and goals need to be manageable as daily successes. Each day we need to feel good. Daily you should be measuring the progress to a goal and daily you should have measurable victories.

If you don’t measure goals daily the bigger dream will be really way off and hard to achieve.

My next post will consider a related theme, ‘The Law of Following Your Dreams’.


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