Pushing the boundaries


I once heard the expression ‘The best predictor of a persons future behavior is their past behaviour’ and sadly that’s so true. True because most people have the same limitations on their beliefs and actions day after day, never rising to a new level of pushing their boundaries and reaching for new dreams.

But those of us who want ‘A Life Less Ordinary’, know that one of the most important ways to do so is to keep reaching, keep expecting, … to keep pushing the boundaries. Those boundaries are the real or perceived limitations placed on our ideals, goals and dreams.

We’ve spoken about this in previous Blogs and in other ways and it’s so important that we live with a belief that we can do more, achieve more, be more.

This idea was captured nicely in the song; ‘Make your own kind of music’ by Mama Cass. Listen to that beautiful song and it’s awesome words. And start living your reality, achieving your dreams and breaking down the boundaries that hold you back.


Next week … The Law of A Fearless Life.


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