Ask and you shall receive

The Bible teaches; ‘Ask and you shall receive’. And I do believe that’s true. Ask more of people, ask for more things and ask more of the Universe.

If you ask people you live or work with to give more, and if you do it with kindness and gratitude, you’ll be surprised by what they deliver. People want to give more; they just need to know it’s appreciated.

And then there’s the issue of asking for more of what you want. When eating out, ask for more of the food hunts you like. When flying ask for the things that make the journey comfortable. And on and on. Ask for extra stuff. But again it’s important to do this in a kind and respectful way. And not to demand that your every need be met. Oh and one other thing. Always balance asking with giving. Give more of yourself and be generous to others.

And finally ask of the Universe for more of what you need. Ask for more by way of spiritual virtues and also for more that excites you.

Keep asking for more in a kind and respectful way and temper asking with giving more. And stuff will come your way!


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