The law of beautiful music

In order to enjoy life we must have some wonderful inputs into our day …

And a previous Blog, we touched on the power of great music. There is no question in my mind that great music and powerful songs have the ability to uplift us, to change us and to bring us joy.

Listen to great songs such as ‘Peace train’ by Cat Stevens, ‘Teach your children’ by Crosby, Still and Nash, ‘Absolute beginners’ by David Bowie and ‘Every breaking wave’ by U2. And I could go on and on, but you get the message.

Music with a melodious tune and inspirational words, has the power to uplift us, to motivate us and to lead us to new dreams. Spend some time each day plugged into singers and songwriters on a mission. And then make those songs and their words part of your mission; to Live a Life Less Ordinary.

And so next week on this theme of great inputs… ‘The Law of Avoiding the News.


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