The highs and lows of life

Life is a series of highs and lows, or peaks and valleys. And the amazing thing is that the peaks and the troughs may come quickly after one another, as in a day apart or they may be separated by days or even weeks. That may mean life seems to be going well for a few days before the change comes. It also means your ‘run of bad luck’ may also continue for a few days before changing. However, the guarantee is that change is coming. Some good days and some not such good days. There is no way around this.

The trick of course is to thoroughly enjoy the highs and try mitigate the lows. By maintaining a sense of perspective, by working your processes you can ensure the ‘lows’ are less severe. Don’t get down on yourself as things go poorly.

Just know that the good times will return. Hopefully even by tomorrow.

The message is that a ‘Life Less Ordinary’ and a system of daily disciplines will blunt the unpleasant events. It is just as important to absolutely love the good things that happen.

Feed the peaks in life and roll with the punches. 

In my next Blog we go further and explore … ‘The Law of Overcoming Sadness’


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