The law of making sure others are cared for

Last time I went out on a limb with The Law of Screw It’. I’m back on track. Don’t worry!


We have kinda touched on this before but an experience recently made me think this idea needs greater clarity.

What I mean here is that we often go through the day and through life ensuring our own agendas and needs get met and we forget (or don’t create time) to ensure the agendas of others in our lives, especially the more insignificant others, are addressed. And sometimes even though we think we care we don’t leave our associates with that feeling at all.

Here’s an example. You are about to board a plane and you get a phone call from an important person in your life whom you need to talk to. But you can’t talk, so you send a message to that effect and ask if everything is ok. You may even follow up on the call when you can. However, you get no further communication for a while. It leaves you feeling concerned, even worried about what you missed. You may be lucky to get a call sometime later and the event is resolved. But many anxious hours or days go by that you need to live through. Did that person intend to make you worry, probably not! However, their lack of care, lack of attention and concern for your needs makes you feel that way.

So we should, as always, go the extra mile to ensure we don’t do these things. And there are many examples. Stop it happening by being attentive to others and ensure you don’t leave their feelings dangling or worse!

Think of others all the time and be especially careful not to create unnecessary concern! After all life is stressful enough.



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