Making your own good day

So you thought your day would go well if someone gave you good news or gave you a helping hand. Alternatively, your day is not good because there are so many troublesome people to deal with??

Well the answer is: ‘You may be living like this but you don’t have to’. You need to understand your day and hence your feeling of well-being needs to come from within you. Only you can create your day! Only you can decide what outside noise you allow to get in and overwhelm you.

Only you can create your day!

So you may decide to listen to your thoughts that tell you how unfair people are or how badly you’ve been treated or you can tell your negative self-talk to stop, and be silent. It’s not easy to do but you need to believe that your thoughts need not make your feelings.

The trick is to balance negative thoughts with gratitude for something good. For every bad thought focus a beam on something else, particularly something you are grateful for.

Today is your day, ‘gratitude yourself into it’.


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