The law of fine dining

Whilst I must declare I love the occasional fast food meal, and especially one delivered to my home, there is much to be said for going out to a good restaurant for a great meal.

Just as we have mentioned before in other contexts, the idea of being treated in a special way and being waited on by a kind and considerate staff, is what speaks to your self worth. It says ‘I’m worth the effort, I’m worth being spoilt and I’m worth paying top dollar for a treat’.

And might I go one step further in this Law; and that is to suggest you do it often. Get to believe you deserve more in life, more attention, more great treats.

Of course this Law wouldn’t come from me if I didn’t remind you to be extra polite to staff and to tip generously for ‘extra mile’ service.

And may I wish you a great meal out!

Next time … ‘The Law of Standing Up and Being Counted’.


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