The Law of Shut Up and Listen

Last week our BLOG dealt with ‘The Law of Standing Up and Being Counted’ and today I thought of something else …

We all want to be heard. To be saying something proud. To be able to make sense. But really we get more out of life, and we get more out of people if we ‘Shut Up and Listen’.

This is true in business and socially. Everybody wants to be heard and they only can if you let them speak. And be careful to pay real attention. Don’t fake it. You’ll be found out fast.

And then a strange thing happens. In the listening, in the other person talking comes the wisdom and the joy. The wisdom, when you hear what the University needs you to hear and the joy when people find you irrationally appealing for a reason they can’t explain. That reason is you let them be heard.

Try it. Sit down with someone, ask a question and just listen. Nod, make expressions, even good clucking sounds, but Shut the …. Up!

Oh and one more thing. I’ve now given up on giving lectures that are more than 20 minutes long. Because most people get bored beyond that and anyway if you can’t say what you need to in 20 minutes, you aren’t very good at what you say!

My next Blog will share some ideas on … ‘The Law of Waiting for the Inspiration and Ensuring You Capture It’.


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