The Law of Waiting for the Inspiration and Ensuring You Capture It

Last week our BLOG dealt with ‘The Law of Shut Up and Listen’. This week we turn to a novel idea …

As with so many things in life, there are good times and there are bad times. Inspiration is no different. It comes at unusual times, in unexpected runs and then goes, often for inordinately long times. Don’t despair. It will return.

The secret is not to miss the fountain when it erupts. Capture the ideas of inspiration, any way you can. Write them down (even on your hand if you must), type them on your computer, enter them on your phone. And follow them until they’re gone. Never ever quit ahead of the end. There’s always one pearl out there you’re going to miss.

Be vigilant. And yes you can create spaces for inspirational events but often and usually the best ones come in their own sweet time. So just wait and listen. One day you’ll be on a flight (as I am now) and thank the Universe for my phone, because the messages for my next few Blogs are coming through thick and fast.

So if the next few weeks seem particularly inspiring, thank the Universe for the inspirational window of opportunity.

My next Blog will share some ideas on … ‘The Law of Taking On Only the Emotion that Belongs to You’.



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