The Law of Taking On Only the Emotion that Belongs to You

It is said that we spend a lot of time and energy worrying about stuff. And if you consider that most of that worrying is a total waste of time. Firstly much doesn’t happen and secondly I am yet to find that worrying solves any problems at all.

However, in addition, we become emotionally invested in issues that are totally beyond our sphere of influence. Someone criticises you maliciously and undeservedly, or someone cuts you off in traffic. Hey I know those things aren’t cool, but if you are not responsible for someone’s aggro, let it go,

Taking it in doesn’t help you at all. You’ll never make those individuals apologise or get better. Stop taking it on, stop investing. You’ll not only feel better but your silence will be your greatest rebuff of your detractor.

Sounds easy. I know it’s not. But start practicing. One day it will get easier!!

My next Blog will share some ideas on a similar theme … ‘The Law of Avoiding the Angst’.



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