The Law of Avoiding the Angst

Last week our BLOG dealt with ‘The Law of Taking On Only the Emotion that Belongs to You’. And this week I want to go a little further on this theme …

The Law of Avoiding the Angst

This idea coalesced in my mind this weekend when my wife took her car for a service. Because of no fault of her own, she had missed the service due by 20 000 kilometers. The dealership made her very uncomfortable with discussion about whether or not, she had voided her service cover. Later in the day she was told she was in the clear. When she told the story all of us in the room could relate a similar story; initially made to feel like a criminal and then told we were in the clear. My thoughts turned to why we do this to one another? Surely my wife’s car experience is so common as to create an automatic process for rectification without needing to create unbelievable angst.

And remember we live in a world at a time when our days are already full of other worries. So my clear Law; ‘Stop making life more worrying than it should be’. And that applies to others and to yourself.

Try avoiding making people concerned by raising problems that can readily be solved or were solutions could be pre-written into your standard operating procedure, be that a formal statement or an informal application of common sense.

But in fact this Law is really just another version of ‘Be generous and be kind‘.

Next time I want to share some ideas on a similar theme … ‘The Law of Taking the Consequences’.


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