The Law of Creating a Profile

I fly a lot and I often fly both business and economy class. I also like to get to the airport early and onto the plane near the front of the queue if I can. It’s easier to get space for my luggage that way.

But I digress. The message in this post is this. I see a lot of people in both classes of travel and yet where you sit and what you (or your company) has paid for your seat does not determine your value.

I see many people walking into economy, often taking up that dreaded middle seat, who remain composed, dignified and strong. Strong personalities come through, irrespective of your surroundings. It’s a universal truth. I also see people flying business class who feel like they don’t belong. Their body language gives them away.

So my message. Simply put, ‘your message to the world, your dignity, your belonging, are tools you create over time. They define you in all ways. It’s hard to put on an attitude for occasion.’ Hence the need to Live a Life Less Ordinary all the time if you want to have that belief in your place in life.

You determine who you are, not where you find yourself today!

Be better!!!

Next time I want to share some ideas on a similar theme ā€¦ ā€˜The Law of Following a Processā€™.


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