The law of going the extra mile

Last week we spoke about ‘The Law of Management“. This week I want to return to a familiar theme but add a new twist. Lets consider …

This Law may seem like something we’ve covered before and yes the philosophy is similar. I do think, however, this idea goes beyond ‘doing your best’. Here I would like to point that ‘going the extra mile’ involves doing everything it takes to make something work or complete a task, but with the proviso that it’s for someone else.

Going the extra mile may be ensuring you help someone get what they need. Actually ensuring that the job is done completely. In my line of work that may mean checking that a child has got his medicine, checking the test results and phoning his parents and is checking that he or she is feeling better.


What is happening here, is you’re not just intending to be of help or suggesting solutions to help, but actually ensuring that your intentions work out. It’s a subtle but important point. Often we intend to do ‘good’ but somehow those ideas never get realised.  It’s often just a small increase in effort that’s needed.

Time to ‘Go the extra mile’ and help to change the world!

And next week ‘The Law of Seeing it Through’.


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